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School prayers don’t have to be boring, give children the initiative  

I have read with great interest your article published on the Mail of Thursday July 2 on the subject of the daily school prayers Teachers were wrong to criticise the student for her statement on religion and I will very much appreciate it if you would kindly publish my suggestions.

Daily school prayer can be interesting and challenging instead of how it is today which the children appear to find boring because day after day it is repitious.

The way to do this is to place the initiative for the preparation of the daily prayer in the hands of the children.  They themselves will draw up the subjects for the preparation of the prayer.

One source is daily life.  For instance if  someone has a sick mother, he or could pray to make his/her mother well, or it may be a brother or sister or one who needs to pass a difficult exam, or they could pray for his or her country, for the sick and the suffering, and ask Christ for his help.

Another source is to draw from the Church’s catalogue of daily celebrations of the various saints.

For instance St. Paul’s celebration day recently.  What did Saint Paul do and how did Christ transformed him?  Similarly, what did he do after that in his life or what did St. John write? In this way children will pray together and also get to learn the lives of the saints and in this way, learn more.

In this way the children themselves will plan their daily prayers and every child will be asked to contribute to the preparation of this if he or she wishes.

So the boring repetition of the same things will not only come to an end, but the children will look forward to hearing what their fellow students will have to say.

Personally I stand ready to reward the children’s initiative with €3.000 for the best prayer voted by the children at an interval of three months for the next two years, i.e. €500 each time.

Nicos Rossos, Economist, Limassol

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