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You pay for service in virtually every retail transaction

Should double yellow lines be scrapped altogether? (

Why does anyone think he is entitled to free parking?

If you rent or own a property you have to pay for its upkeep. The Municipality is offering a service so why should one not pay for that service? You pay for service in virtually every retail transaction so why not for parking?

Why should taxi drivers and residents take over an amenity designed for the benefit of those visiting the area? Why are car owners and shopkeepers complaining about double yellow lines? Why can’t deliveries take place before or after peak traffic hours. Why?

Many drivers believe that traffic laws, civil or criminal, do not apply to them. The parking areas highlighted in this report reveals a common trait of many drivers, the trait of “I am alright Jack, if someone I inconvenience has a problem, it is their problem not mine”.


Spat over Paphos’ new parking fees

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