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Hospital scientist hits back at allegations of poor management

Larnaca hospital (Photo: CNA)

The chief scientist at Larnaca and Famagusta general hospitals hit back on Friday after department heads slammed poor management and a dysfunctional system in a letter sent to the health ministry and state health organisation Okypy.

The letter painted a drab picture of Larnaca general hospital that was “understaffed, and short on equipment and consumables.”

Due to decisions by the chief scientist Amalia Hadjiyianni, staff leave the Larnaca general hospital before, during and after the pandemic, the letter said.

Staff are being transferred from Larnaca hospital to Famagusta but equipment in the latter which is not currently being used, is not being sent back to Larnaca, the letter said.

In comments to the Cyprus News Agency (CNA), Hadjiyianni said: “The root of the problem lies in the fact that most department heads at the Larnaca general hospital were away for the most part in the handling of the pandemic as a vulnerable group, and as a result the operation of their clinics was disorganised rather than being role models for their staff.”

As for accusations in the letter that “Doctor Hadjiyianni countless times referred to clinics and doctors at Larnaca general hospital in a negative and condescending way,” even as far as allegedly threating medical professionals, Hadjiyianni responded that if by trying to implement protocols ensuring patient and staff health and safety  is considered inappropriate behaviour then it was up to the public to decide.

People in those positions “should be concerned with how to improve the services of their clinics towards patients,” she said.

In terms of staff shortages, Hadjiyianni said staff had to be transferred to Famagusta general hospital during the pandemic as it was designated a reference hospital, following a health ministry decision.

In the past year, 24 doctors were appointed to Larnaca general hospital across various departments and 16 doctors at Famagusta, she said.

The anaesthesiology department remains problematic at Larnaca general hospital as quality doctors continue to leave their jobs there, despite efforts to keep the department staff, Hadjiyianni added.

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