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A new lockdown will make the first one look innocuous

Months ago I wrote here and also spoke to many in the hospitality industry, arguing that tourism would be devastated.

I recall some saying that they would trust the “experts” as they disagreed with my opinion. To put it mildly, only a blind man could not have foreseen this. People were terrorized of the virus, their personal finances were affected, no heard immunity was acquired, but they were expected to cheerfully go on vacation this year.

This republic was uniquely poised to offer a different solution to Covid 19. We have an island with no densely populated cities, we could have shut down the airports, offered targeted measures to protect the most vulnerable groups, and keep most of the internal economy going. Perhaps we would have had some extra cases, but we also would be in a better position now economically.

Now winter will see a resurgence of the virus, what will the govermentt do then, another full lock-down? We won’t be able to withstand that now in our weakened condition.

Experts… yes they should be listened to… but some common sense should also come into play. This season is lost and the economy is heading into crisis mode, another lock-down will make the last crisis seem mild.


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