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Dancing in the city

The 17th Summer Dance Festival by Cyprus New Movement (Nea Kinisi) is bringing site-specific performances around Limassol. For eight days, the public will be able to walk around the city and watch dances performed on the street, by the sea or in a square.

The beauty of performing in the street is that everything is visible. There is no backstage for the dancers to get ready, nowhere to hide props, not even somewhere to rehearse. So, in the lead up to the performances, you might find the dancers practising in the streets and experience what this creative process really entails.

The festival, between August 22 and 29, is a great opportunity to highlight the culture that the dance community has to offer, both for residents of and visitors to the city. In addition, the structure of the event and the way it is presented, strengthen the sense of community among the public, in addition to contributing to seeing and getting to know the city through a different perspective.

Dance performances will take place in several public spaces in Limassol with free attendance for passersby. Taking part in the 17th edition of the festival are:

Ektos Ydaton: Chorotheatro Omada Pente-Chloe Melidou at Molos near Marias Kyprianou sculpture on August 23,26, 28 at 7.30pm

Meeting point: Milena Ugkren Koulas at Old Port Square on August 25, 27, 29 at 6.30pm

Private kingdom: Andria Michaelidou at Laniti Sota on August 24, 28, 29 at 4 pm

Be my home: Constantina Skalionta at Molos near Marias Kyprianou sculpture on August 22, 24, 25 at 7pm

Breath the beach: Georgia Andreou at the beach opposite the zoo on August 23, 26 at 6pm

Album (2020): Diamanto Xadjizacharia at Molos (big pool) on August 22, 23, 24 at 7.30pm


Summer Dance Festival

Site-specific performances. August 22-29. Around Limassol. Free.

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