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The Summer Scholars Programme is part of research centre RISE’s efforts to inspire talented young students in Cyprus to follow careers in Interactive media, Smart systems and Emerging technologies by exposing them to cutting-edge methods in these areas.

At this year’s programme, 23 young students from across the island enjoyed a full week of networking, coding and game development activities under the theme Gaming and Artificial Intelligence and were introduced to the latest methods and techniques in fields as exciting and diverse as artificial intelligence, visual sociology, computational cognition and ethics in AI.

“It was my pleasure to be part of this unique Summer Scholars Programme on Computer Games and Artificial Intelligence for a second year. As always, this was a fantastic experience for myself, and I hope the rest of the participants feel the same. I would like to see the Summer Scholars programme become a long-standing tradition that will keep attracting young, resourceful and curious minds; we count on them to build a better, brighter future. We hope that the experience they had at RISE this year will prove valuable in their journey in life,” Summer Scholars Programme instructor Panayiotis Charalambous said.


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